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You Better Praise Him!

You Better Praise Him!

You Better Praise Him!!!

At the name of Jesus Every knee shall bow and Every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord!!!!

A rock is not going to cry out for me, I’m going to praise the Lord now, while there is breath within me. Let EVERYTHING THAT HAVE BREATH PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

He’s been too Good to us! How are you going to allow anyone to stop you from lifting up the one that was there for you when not another soul was! Come on, He gave His Son for You! You could have been gone so many times but you’re here! Right now! You better praise The Lord!

Listen it is more than just about you giving God a feel good session! That’s not how He operates!

Your praise is attached to your breakthrough, your blessing! When your praise go up, it activates the delivery of your blessing. Which is why the enemy, not just God’s enemy and not just mankind’s enemy, he don’t like you, so he’s your enemy too, He wants to stop your PRAISE! He will send out praise eliminators, but here’s the key activated PRAISE not only activates your BLESSING but it deactivates praise eliminators!!! Stumbling blocks! Tricks and traps! Sickness and death! Honey it’s your key, so pick it up and use it!

Satan has been trying to distract you from seeing it!

Listen, brother Paul was locked up, put in jail! The enemy was trying to eliminate his praise. Now I don’t need to remind you that this is the same cat that’s been bothering you! Trying to stop your praise. See back then though, the ppl of God began to pray for their brothers and let out some praise! Understand that it was the praise that made the JAIL HOUSE ROCK! The jail was rocking and Elvis had nothing to do with it! The power of God shuck that thing so that THOSES GATES WERE COMING OPEN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER! GOD WAS ABOUT TO GET HIS PPL UP OUT OF THERE!!!!!

Saints, when we go into prayer, especially the prayer of God’s Word back to Him and then add our Praise, It takes us directly to the throne of grace!!!

You are not simply praying a prayer, you are taking your relationship with God to completely different levels!!!! It creates a supernatural shift in which the power of the Spirit of the Lord can release anointing in your life. Look at the miracles that our Lord and Savior Yeshua/Jesus did and then look at the miracles that were performed through Apostal Paul, through Peter in the name of Yeshua/Jesus.

God is not a man that He would lie!


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