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Yeah, You Messed UP….

Yeah, You Messed UP….

Let’s talk…you & I both know that you messed up, yeah you did, but baby don’t let the mess up, trip you up & never let it stop you. Peter messed up too, but the boy just knew how to get back up! Get ya butt back UP!

The devil knows your secrets but the thing is, God knows them too & baby in spite of your mess HE’S gonna USE YOU! All you gotta do is GET BACK UP!!! Don’t let the enemy, YOUR enemy hold things over on you,boo! REPENT & get ya butt back up! God will help you to stay up! He’s sent reinforcements- you don’t think you’re here by accident do you?😏

You see the devil can’t repent, nah baby, there’s no saving him but you on the other hand, well you CAN! So don’t be tricked out of your blessing! REPENT! Listen, Peter denied CHRIST, the brother flat out denied our Lord, now that’s some cold stuff but that brother got it right. In fact he got so right that folks started getting heal just from his shadow! So baby what can God use your shadow to do? You’ll never know if you don’t get ya butt back up & get to STEP’N! Baby there’s purpose in your step but you can’t step laying down! SO GET BACK UP!!


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  1. Exactly God knows we are gonna make mistakes, that is what forgiveness is for. I think we do more harm to ourselves by just giving up and not getting back up. I am so thankful for a forgiving Father, who is loving, patient and kind.

  2. Thank you so much for letting Father work through you! I pray Father bless you and shine down His favor upon you ~ May you and your home always be covered in His perfect Shalom <3


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