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Why He Wept

Why He Wept

Why He Wept

So the crowd watched as Mary and Martha

stood dazed within their grief. Murmurs I’m sure we’re heard from the crowd as Christ made His way towards the tomb. Knowing that Lazarus was His good friend, many probably wondered if He wound actually make an appearance. However after the third day, disappointment must have set in. Looking upon the crowd, at Mary and at Martha , the Bible tells us that our Lord began to weep. If you have been to any funerals, you may agree that it seems when a certain person in the funeral begins to breakdown, it tends to make everybody break right on down with them. I can only imagine if the Lord showed up and if HE started crying. WELL, I guess at that point there is just no helping old Lazarus, one might say, because if the Lord is crying there must not be any hope left.

However, knowing the story, one is left to reconsider just why our Lord shed those tears. Now some say that He was compassionate towards the sorrow of the two sisters as well as the others that were there. Yet, that is rather inconsistent with the fact that He knew this is exactly how they would feel when He decided to wait until after Lazarus died to come. The Bible tells us that when YESHUA saw them weeping that He groaned in His Spirit and was troubled. Then we are told that the Lord wept. The shortest verse in the Bible and probably the most misinterpreted. Always be careful of folks interpretations. The very next thing that was said is that ppl began to say, “See how He loved him! Could not this Man, who opened the eyes of the blind, also have kept this man from dying?”

Herein is the reason for the tears, so little faith. You see, they could believe in Him enough for healing But not for reviving. So, Lord if You would have been here, You would have stopped death. Yet since You were not, it’s too late now. If only You can get us to next week, we can try to make it from there or if only You can help us get enough to make it until the end of the month, I think we will be fine. NO!!!!


We have to get this, we MUST!

The same Lord that would have stopped Lazarus from dying is the same Lord that stopped death from keeping him! This Lord is the same Lord that can and will keep you! EVEN If old death comes knocking on your door JESUS is able to answer it for you and say, Oh death where is your sting?

I love you, rest well!


John 11

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  2. Yes we must keep our faith consistent!

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