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Who is THIS for…..

Who is THIS for…..

If God said it, shouldn’t that settle it…

When we choose to follow Christ we find stability. Yet when we decide to compromise our faith we are actually leaving the Master to serve another in which there will be no stability. The winds of life will blow against these folks and they will be tossed to and fro. As their core values aren’t truly rooted in trusting the Lord’s core values which is His laws. For we are told that if we love Him we will obey Him.

In disobeying Christ and consigning others that blatantly disobey Him how are we lining up with scripture? Where is the disconnect? Either the Bible is true or it’s all lies. Either the Lord told us that it’s a sin to murder or He said that you can decide who can or can not murder.

If God said it, shouldn’t that settle it or have we allowed another god to tell us to compromise the commandments of Adonai? Did He not tell us to choose this day whom we are going to serve, Him or mammon? Are we daily choosing mammon when we say, “I know that the Bible saids that it’s wrong but I’m okay with it.” “Go on do what you want, folks can’t judge you.” Are these comments a weak attempt at fitting into a world that is obviously lost? Does the fact that one can not judge another, lessen the truth that we still will be ultimately judged by the Lord?

Are we honestly ready for what is a delayed reaction of wrath for our disobedience? Doesn’t the Bible warn us that obedience is better than sacrifice? With each act of disobedience we will suffer the repercussion through sacrifice great or small but sacrifice none the less. Or do we think that we can hang with the world and dip over to Christ in times of need, say a quick prayer and then continue to not only practice sinning but encourage others to do the same? Yes such thoughts are mere whispers of demons in your ears, attempting to lure you like sheep being being led to the slaughter.


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  1. We are refusing to settle.

  2. Man o man I truly needed this! This article has jumped out at me, as in my past one of my parents (supposed to be a Christian) told me that if my husband wants to go off and have fun (with them) (drugs & alcohol were involved) that I should not only allow it but I was told that sometimes in life we have to sacrifice and do things we don’t wanna do to keep our husbands happy… I was like o no no no. You don’t do something if it goes against Christ. And you dang sure don’t go out of your way to please others especially if it goes against God’s word and against Him.

    My parent had told me she could see my husband wanted to have fun and I should let him. I looked at him and I said look. Absolutely not. God says not to do what they’re doing and we ain’t gonna do it, but we will pray for them! Sometimes we gotta be strong (planted & rooted with Jesus) for our spouses (in my case my husband) while God is  working in them getting them. In my case I was having to pray for my husband. Praying for God to make him a warrior for Christ. And also that God would raise him up to be the godly man that He intended for my husband to be. To raise him up as head of our home under the Lord with authority in Christ. To be saved & delivered ❤️

  3. Lord help me

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