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When Peace Comes Knocking…

When Peace Comes Knocking…

When Peace comes knocking on your door….

Peace came strolling up to someone’s house trying to get in. However, just when peace began to ring the bell, here comes fear & notorious doubt. Well since the owner of the home was familiar with both fear & doubt, they let them in without hesitation, while leaving peace locked outside. Once fear & notorious doubt, were inside, they began to take over & had the nerve to invite some of their friends. The crew ganged up on the owner & began to torment this person.

That poor soul should’ve invited peace in, even though they didn’t know it that well. Peace would’ve invited its friends over too,but goodness & mercy, would have never tried to destroy their lives.

The moral of the story….stop leaving peace out on the porch while letting darkness inside.


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  1. Such a good word for someone battling fear and anxiety. I used to battle this, but no more!

  2. Wow!! that was on point!! this was a familiar spirit that has to GO!!

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