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Through A Dream

Through A Dream

Through a dream, God had revealed to Joseph that one day he would rule. Now years passed and Joseph faced many trials. He was abandoned, forgotten, rejected, and persecuted, but he reached the promise. I do not know what you may have gone through. I do not know what you may be going through even now. However I do know this, hold on to your faith. You can make it.

People are not the problem,baby. They can only do what you allow them to. The fact is, hurting ppl hurt ppl. So pray for those that have hurt you because they themselves are hurting. Then focus on your promise, your faith and your plan. God is with you. You see not one of us are in a place of perfection. We’re just striving. Trying to reach a mark. Those of us that think we have found a cure, well we should share it. It doesn’t mean that we’re completely better it Just means that we are trying to get better together. Kinda like sharing good news in a world that shares so much bad.

So hold on….and walk into Your purpose!!!

Love y’all

FYI- The pictures are slaps for the devil’s face as the Lord has delivered me from being cut up, beat up, beaten, battered & abused! Been through the fire but keep coming out not even smelling like smoke!

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