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They Say That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words….

They Say That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words….

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say not really.

It may say a little something about where I am right now but that one picture can never tell you all my yesterdays. Yesterday’s are important to God because they mark the path to your destiny. Yes, even the ones with tears! Why do you think the devil wanted to trip you yesterday, because he didn’t want you here TODAY! It was on a day, not too much different than this, that God took a little girl, a little black girl that was raped, beaten and tossed to the side, He took her by the hand from a ghetto to Rodeo! From chains to praise!

I don’t know much about your today, but if there is any purpose in your life, your yesterday was filled with tears and disappointments. Titles were fleeting and true friends were few. You were mocked, talked about, rejected and maybe even called a little crazy BUT I am here to tell you this day that it is GOD that holds your future!

I am not just pushing you a scripture, I have lived it! I have sat at tables in the presence of my enemies as they had to watch the Lord do what they said would never happen. One of the biggest deliverance to have is to be delivered from people. Everybody is not meant to be in your tomorrow. Don’t have Lot’s wife syndrome if God said leave it, then leave it alone. You can’t follow God and worry about hurt feelings. If you’re really following God He will take care of hurt feelings. Your tomorrow is waiting on you today so let go and trust God!


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