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The Moonwalk Opened Demonic Doorways Leading to His Death!

The Moonwalk Opened Demonic Doorways Leading to His Death!

I remember in 1983 watching the Motown 25 anniversary special. As a young girl, I was super excited to see Micheal Jackson perform. Suddenly he appeared on stage, the music started & his feet started moving. Iโ€™m talking about moves that nobody had ever seen before, or at least not as he was performing them. Then as the audience roared, he appeared to be floating backwards as he introduced to the world-the moonwalk. 

Hmmm… Moonwalker….a hint & play on words for the worldโ€™s plans to seduce mankind into the acceptance of not only walking on the moon but strides to one day dwell there as well as make the likeness of other life forms(demons) a common thought amongst many. Thus the rise of interest in the supernatural- spells, deception, illusions. What a Thriller for the Smooth Criminal to also associate himself with that of a Speed Demon๐Ÿค” Had demonic influence made him BAD? Were we witnessing a Ghost of the dynamic soul from this point (1983) until his last days? Satanโ€™s attempted hints of a worldwide manipulation mingled with astrology. (This goes deeper, yet I must move on.)

Tears for no reason at all began to fill my eyes, my heart became sad, so very sad. I began seeing flashes of Micheal Jacksonโ€™s death. I walked up to the television touching the screen as I wept. This alarmed my grandmother of course but the weeping birthed even more grief as more visions came to my mind like clips from a movie scene. I attempted to explain while trying to catch my breath, that he would die before reaching an old age, that his death would NOT be as it appeared. I was told that this man would die by the hand(s) of others through those he trusted. Through those that he TRUSTED.

Now, many years later, after the first moonwalk and after his death, the Lord told me this morning that many will die by the hands of others through those they trust. Gvt betrayal on a wide scale. Deception of the masses by entertainers led to destroy the minds while exploiting talents & blinding the eyes of their worshipers (American Idols) as sheep being led to the slaughter.

Certain things are set in motion. Thereโ€™s an undeniable shift in the atmosphere. What was once, strange occurrences are now shared across many news mediums as either Fake news or Science/technology.

I ask that you seek the face of the Lord. Add fasting to your regular activities! Stay armored up, eph.6:10-18 and WATCH as well as PRAY. You will be led to return & re-read this message after the next events. The Lord will provide answers to the questions you now have, as He confirms what has been shared.


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  1. Lord keep me in your hands keep me from being deceived in Jesus Christ Mighty name

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