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Sweetheart You Gotta Stand

Sweetheart You Gotta Stand

Sweetheart You Gotta Stand…

Listen Satan is just waiting for you to trip, slip, fall down, lay down and most of all, stay down. So you’re hurt, okay, dry those tears and get back up! So somebody knocked you down. Okay dust yourself off and get back Up! Listen I’m not saying that it is okay that things have happened to you. I am saying it’s okay for you to get back up!

Listen, other people are not your problem. Satan is, and as soon as we can get this, we will stop falling. We’re getting bumps and bruises when we should be elevating higher and giving Jesus gratitude. Oftentimes we are like a blind man trying to fight, throwing punches at the air. Your enemy isn’t there, he hides behind folks. Ducking and dodging your blows as he hurls attacks at you in the spirit as you keep fighting in the flesh. Eph 6:10-18

You betta get up! Get up and stand! As the enemy throws stones at you, make sure you use them as stepping stones and not resting stones. God is not finished with you yet! Instead of looking back at your life and saying, “Why did God let it happen?” Realize that you are here now in spite of it happening!

Turn down the pity party and turn up the praise!

The pressure wasn’t to break you it was to make you! When Made by God, no devil in hell can take you! So get up and stand. Stand baby STAND! You’re in the mist of creating that dash between your birthday and your dying day, fill in that gap with the power of God! Stand so firm that when your feet hit the ground the very gates of hell begin to shake! Make that devil think twice before he comes for your dash.


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  1. I will stand.

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