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Stop Having Your Mouth Write a Book That Adonai Didn’t Author

Stop Having Your Mouth Write a Book That Adonai Didn’t Author

-Stop having your mouth write a book that God hasn’t authored. You do not know how or what you and yours may be faced with in life. Therefore be less opinionated and more prayerful. You’re not Getting paid for your interview nor a signing of your self published book of fiction.

As we strive daily to lift one another up, we should join forces in prayer. There simply are so many silent wars going on all around us and so often a “like” is all that a person can muster up, let alone a plea for help. It seems that today It is so much easier to be strong and full of courage when your true pain is masked by a selfie.

Suicide, divorce, addictions are not jokes nor is the gossip and evil that so often drives folks to them. So many cries for help go unheard while whispers of negativity are the trend. Real news is being pushed aside for the realness of nothingness. Folks that can not even decide what they are, voting for folks that care so little about who any of us are. Delusion has become the intrusion to what many call fact. This is all something that as adults, we should know or at the very least, have compassion for. .

Yet for those that are claiming Christ, this is just shameful. We will give an account. We must guard our hearts for out of it comes the issues of life. It truly tells who we really and truly are. Allow kindness to be our rule. The Word of God must be our daily bread our guidance and our truth! Love those that may at times seem unlovable. Hug a bit longer and hold on a little tighter. As ppl are slipping away into hell. Folks are letting go far easier than they have ever held on. Commit to repent then submit. Submit to God. In this, in Him, you simply can’t go wrong. Trust God with your heart, He knows exactly what it needs and how to care for it. He knows how to care for you. If your glass is always half empty then take it to the guy that has an ever ready supply.

Satan will use folks in an attempt to break you, but the truth is that if mere words can break you then you obviously have No Idea who MADE you. Your being here, them being here, is for a reason. God has a plan. Who are we to place our mouths upon the work of God. Whether we understand it or not. If it’s not to help then we certainly should not part our lips to hurt. Build each other up and stop wasting so much time on self serving demolition projects. Just how much blood will be on your hands/ lips when you face the Master?

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