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Someone is still holding on…

Someone is still holding on…

Someone is still holding on…..

Holding on to their jobs. Holding on to their homes. Holding on to a spouse, someone else’s spouse.😏

To jewels. To anger. To pride.

To bitterness. You see I’ve heard that you can forgive yet not forget. Understand that it’s the not forgetting that causes the bitterness. Bitterness destroys you and does very little to your enemy.

I don’t know exactly what you maybe holding onto today. However what I do know is that you’re holding on to the wrong thing. That’s been the problem. You’ve been wondering what’s been holding you back. You’ve blamed ppl. You’ve blamed sickness. You’ve blamed lack of money. The government, lack of education, police, your Environment, your race even your face as if looks are all you need. What you need is to hold on to Jesus. One stop shop for all your props.

Invest in Jesus and allow Him to be the executor of your accounts. Everything from your land, your man/woman, state of mind, if you gotta do time, results of your crime, the snob on your job, landlord, He’ll even be your bodyguard, help you if they call you a retard. Lift your head if you have to pay ppl no regard. He’ll be the pep in your step, let’s just say, you WILL to be Kept. Some ppl hold on to drugs to escape the reality of their pain. Before you turn your nose up at them, remember that some folks hold on to food and bury their pain within the weight that they gain.

You have the wealthy that finally make it to the top only to realize it’s not what they thought. Those with fame that worked so hard to reach their dream, only to find that Hollywood is full of schemes. You ever wonder why the actor commits suicide by taking his neck and roping it up? The singer that’s world renown gets doped up? These are simply the results of holding on to the wrong thing. Whatever it is that you have been holding onto, the burden is much too heavy. Why drag that weight around? Try, just try laying it all down within the Lord’s hands. What do you really have to lose. There’s even a 30 trial. I promise you that you will NOT regret it.😘


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