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Shhhhh…Everybody don’t need to know your business baby…..

….not until God is ready to show them. 😐

Listen, nobody knew who Joesph was, until God was ready to show them. Nobody knew who Esther was, until God was ready to show them. Not a soul knew who the Lord was, until God was ready to show them. The truth is, nobody really knows who you are, no not really. They don’t know the tears you’ve cried. They don’t know your inner struggles and all of what you’ve been through, no, honey no BUT God is about ready to show them.

Most importantly they don’t know WHOSE you are, BUT that too, God is getting ready to show them! So Esther don’t lose hope now, no not right before you become the Queen! There’s a nation of ppl that God will use you to save! Joesph, lift your head brother, you can’t stop now, no not before you become a leader in Egypt! God is going to use you to save your people! Ohhh thank you Yeshua for not giving up, no not before God used You to save mankind!

Honey your joy really is coming in the morning BUT sweetheart you can NOT, simply CAN NOT give up the night before! People of God HOLD ON, you’ve been through too much to be so close to your promise and yet give up now! Remember that your promise is attached to someone else’s promise! There are folks that are connected to the call that the Father has upon your life! So keep going, hang in there, God is getting ready to show not only folks, but you too, just who He created you to be and what He created you to do!


Gen 41:37-44

Esther 8

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