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Overeating: Gluttony or Being Seduced

Overeating: Gluttony or Being Seduced

 It seems that what is lurking behind overeating can be the provoking spirit of seduction!

Seductive spirits set up lustful desire in order to cause an action that will feed their agenda of defeat. As Christians most of us have walked away from many of the worldly forms of seduction, but food is our source of gathering that brings fellowship, so why wouldn’t the demonic kingdom use that?

Look around long enough and you will see the traps everywhere. Just before beginning this blog I opened my email to see the subject line, “Phyllis, It’s comfort food time again!” It sounded inviting so I clicked the link and there it was, a bubbling pot of creamy soup described as,” The Rich, Robust, flavors of fall!” The accompanying picture had captions of; “Cheesy, creamy, and surprisingly delicious.”

Okay, so three paragraphs into this blog, I no longer have a point to prove because I have already lost some of you to thoughts of Panera Bread! Most of you are not the victim of the ravenous overeating patterns associated with a spirit of gluttony, but a provoking spirit of seduction that knows how to get your attention!

During a prayer session for a client struggling with weigh issues one of my intercessors saw a clock. She said it has something to do with time. Then we discerned that time to be at 3 or 4 o’clock. Not having the full understanding of what this meant, we asked our client. She told us that at 3 or 4 pm everyday she was attacked by thoughts of cookies and cakes and bread products that caused her to start snacking and gaining weight. She said the pictures in her mind were seducing her daily to the kitchen.

When we called out that spirit of seduction and lust her days of tormenting food thoughts ended. Spirits of provocation like seduction go out to stir up the battlefield. Just as taunting spirits stir up anger and mocking spirits stir up insecurity, seduction spirits stir up desire. Desire leads to imagination. Imagination leads to action.

If you have not been able to get the victory over poor eating habits that have been sabotaging your day, call us. It’s time for that spirit of seduction to be exposed and expelled. Don’t allow it rope in failure, depression, and hopelessness. It’s your time to be free!


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  1. Let God break every chain and be free🙌❤

  2. This has been a plaque in my life for as long as I could remember. I have been struggling with it and I have made up in my mind that I didn’t want to deal with that spirit any longer. So I began to rebuke the spirit of gluttony and greed . I have been struggling with fasting and prayer because of this spirit . So I thought. Now reading this , I see that It is deeper than I thought. Its not just the gluttony and greed but seduction and lust. Now I know what to call out. It has been trying to hide in the shadows in my life so that I could over look it and call out only gluttony, greed. Oh but NO…Spirits of seduction and lust the Lord God rebukes you in the name of JESUS!!!!

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