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Okay So You Gave “It” to the Lord….

Okay So You Gave “It” to the Lord….

….BUT you keep picking “it” back up. When you give away something, it’s no longer yours. It belongs to the one that you gave it to.

If you give some one flowers, you don’t go and take them back. Just like when you give Christ your problems, you don’t go and take them back. Here’s the thing, when we give the Lord our stuff, it is not only spiritual but it is a mental and physical act of faith. Trusting Him, ignites the power within Him to fix what you gave Him. He can’t fix what He doesn’t have. That’s is not how He works. As long as you’re holding on to it, it’s yours baby. You can pray all you want about it, but it will not be fixed. It may change honey but change does not equal solved, healed or fixed. Your trust is required, which seems rather simple since everyday we are giving our trust to men in one way or the other. Yet, the idea of actually trusting the ONE Who loved us enough to die, we have great hesitation.

Oftentimes you keep rebuking the devil, when it’s you that is making the problems worse by not placing them in the proper hands.


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  3. This is another area I need your help in Lord …😭

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