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Lives For Sale???

Lives For Sale???

Lives for sale?????

I stand surrounded by luxury of all sorts. A place where one can buy luxury homes, cars, bags, shoes, even designer napkins,smh! However the one item that I have failed to see for sale is a life. Not here, not on Rodeo Drive, not at a LOUIS VUITTON store with an LV stamped on it and not attached to a Bentley! Honey, make no mistake, there’s not one life sitting on a shelf or hanging from a hanger. You can’t drive one off the lot or order one at 50% off. Many are decorated like fine luxury homes and yes some even have SOLD, signs on them having Satan as their purchaser.

Yet, I’ve lived down the street from the late Micheal Jackson when he closed his eyes, blocks away from where Whitney Houston took her last breath. Each of these mega stars with great wealth, including Marilyn Monroe, Heavy D, Bernie Mac, Brittney Murphy, Prince (who contacted me regarding an interest in doing a documentary on his life), Richard Pryor, 2pac or Biggie, with all of their wealth could keep their lives.

Not one of them could run to Neiman Marcus and purchase an extension nor an extra. Whatever our backgrounds are, we can all agree that one day our lives will surely end. So perhaps we should consider just what we do with the lives that we have left. Consider your ways. As I’ve learned that money, beauty and popularity can not change your final destination only what you do with such things and how you live can.

Only one is control, there’s only one that has the last say and He is the God of Israel! Understand that the god of this other stuff will have a tormented fate, he only seeks to take as many as he can with him.

Satan is the misery & baby he loves folk’s company!


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