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Listen baby, Listen….

Listen baby, Listen….

Listen, listen, please listen….

your strength is within the joy of the Lord! NOT facebook, NOT your lover, buddies, gadgets, job & honey defiantly NOT ME, BUT the LORD! Why do you think the enemy tries to keep you so preoccupied? So busy, yet hardly further than your were yesterday? Listen, if the Bible tells us that our strength is in the Lord then it would make sense for any enemy of the Lord to try and keep you away from anything to do with Him. If our joy is in the Lord, we are weakened in our sadness, in our anger, in our words of defeat. Change your thinking and you’ll change your speaking!

Lean NOT to your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with All of your heart and HE shall, not might or may, SHALL ( it’s a promise) direct your path. When you give Him half, you get half of the directions! Now baby where are you going with half of the directions? Honey that’s worthless. You’re surrounding yourself with ppl that are telling you, “Well at least you got something”! πŸ˜³πŸ™„ No you don’t!

How can you get to your destination (destiny) with only half of the directions for your path?

Then you wonder why you keep turning around, encountering the same things and kinds of folks again and again. That’s what happens when we get lost in the debacle of the stresses that only having part of the directions can cause. How many more years do you plan to waste on trying to figure that out?

How much longer are you going to try to get God to fit into your plans instead of you trying to fit into his? Trying to downgrade the King of Kings for a Burger King just because the world saids you can have it your way! It’s like you having the GPS system but instead of it telling you the directions and the best routes to take, you tell it!

Now, YOU know it all.

The truth is- TIME- Is Not on your side. Don’t take it from me, look in the mirror baby. Life is but a vapor that appears for a while and then vanish away.

James 4:14

You don’t have the luxury of continuing to take the wrong routes. Truly give Jesus the wheel, sweetheart, let Him drive. He’s better at it!

Listen, Christ was born for this and the coolest thing is that “THIS” includes EVERYTHING! All! When your tooth hurts you don’t go to an auto mechanic. You go to a dentist. You don’t go in telling the dentist how to do his job so stop trying to tell God how to do His!

When your life hurts, GO TO CHRIST JESUS/ YESHUA! It’s as simple as that!



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  1. God definitely knows❀

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