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Know WHO You Serve!

Know WHO You Serve!


Do you realize that the same God that parted the Red Sea, is the same God that we serve? The SAME one! The Alpha & the Omega! The beginning & the END! The I AM, which means He ALWAYS IS! He’s the past, present & the future all at the same TIME!! GLORY,HALLELUJAH!! He Is MOST HIGH, not kinda HIGH! He is “On Time” and not “Some Time”!

Understand that we can do greater things than Christ did, through His name!!!

Greater than raising the dead!

Greater than healing the sick!

Greater than walking on water,

casting out demons,

calming storms,

returning sight to the blind,

feeding the multitudes,

shaking jail houses,



Well because the days we are in at this very moment requires “GREATER THAN” kind of faith! We are in the storm BUT Christ CALMED the storm honey! He didn’t fear it! In fact, He told the disciples when they were afraid of the storm that they had little FAITH!! He rebuked them right after He REBUKED IT!!!😏 Now I don’t know if the storm was Harvey or Irma, but I do KNOW that it had to obey my Lord!

We are fully dressed in the whole armor of Adonai from eph.6:10-18 and we ain’t taking it off either! We walk with it, we talk with it, we sleep with it, we roll & flow with it! So devil you might as well get use to IT!!

As representatives of Christ, We MUST get to the GREATER and we must get to it NOW!! Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy! He is fully aware that his time is running out. Therefore he is trying everything to take as many souls as he can with him! Ohhhhh, BUT NOT ON OUR WATCH!! NO SIR AND NO MA’AM!! THERE’S A KNEW GROUP OF SAINTS THAT AREN’T walking like “AIN’TS”! We walk in the FULL AUTHORITY OF CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD!! We happen to take the Bible LITERALLY, and because we do, honey this world is about to see wonders as never before! Miracles didn’t stop in the Bible baby! Oh No!! And folks are about to see that!

We draw a line in the sand & tell the devil and his crew, You Will NOT come any further!!! PEACE BE STILL!

You will NOT have our families!

You will Not take another thing that God has given us! We WILL NEVER bow down to you! You are a defeated foe, Satan and not one of your weapons formed against us shall prosper! Your assignments are Canceled! Our debts have been paid by the blood of Jesus! Our steps are ordered in the Word of the Lord! His praise shall continually be in our mouths! So Satan, Adonai rebukes you! That’s right, EL SHADDAI, ELOHIM, the God of Israel, the MOST HIGH!! IT IS HE THAT REBUKES YOU, according to Zechariah 3:2!!

The Angels of our Lord encamp all around us! We will never lack any good thing according to psalms 34! For the Lord is our Shepard & we shall not want! We abide in the secret place of the Most High! Where we go, Satan, you can not follow! We destroy all satanic alliances! Goodness and mercy is following us all the way to Zion every day of our lives! We claim every single promise of the Lord from His Word, over our lives and no devil in or out of hell can cancel it!

Satan you can’t follow us, you can’t block us, you can’t stop us, you can’t hinder us, you can’t trick, trip, trap or touch us! Your weapons are powerless against us! In JESUS/YESHUA NAME WE TOUCH IN AGREEMENT NOW!!!



Psalms 9,23,34,71 & 91

Eph 6:10-18


Is 54:17, 56, 61

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