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It’s In The Serving of God that You Will See His Promises

It’s In The Serving of God that You Will See His Promises

It’s in the serving of God that you will see His promise.

JESUS told the man with the withered hand to stretch forth his hand. It was in the stretching of his hand that he received the miracle. Listen, if he would have never stretched his hand, his hand would have never changed. Now he could’ve stood there and tried to figure out just how this all was going to work out, BUT he didn’t AND thank God that he didn’t because homeboy got healed! Now because of this, we know that we can be healed too, BUT, IT MAY REQUIRE MOVEMENT!!! Don’t miss your blessing by being STILL at the WRONG TIME!!

I have heard many ppl ask why not give up, you’ve been through so much? I was an over weight, battered and abused wife that was broke, busted and felt disgusted! You name it, I’ve been through it BUT GOD changes things and He’s pretty good at changing people too!

God changed it for me, He set me truly free and since He’s not in the favorite game, He WILL change it for you, BUT you gotta move baby, you’ve got to MOVE!!

If the man would have never moved his hand, he would’ve stayed in his condition!! If I had never lifted my feet, I would’ve stayed in my condition. Peter would’ve never walked on the water had he stayed on the boat! He would have NEVER been a part of one of the greatest miracles had he decided to be like EVERYBODY else! There were other men on that boat too honey, but only Peter step out on faith! 😏 The children of Israel would have never reached the promise land had they stayed in Egypt! Y’all don’t hear me!! Lot and his family would have never survived, had they stayed in Sodom! Ohhhh and Christ would have never had the victory to save a wretch like me had He stayed in the grave! PEOPLE OF GOD Sometimes you just got to MOVE!!!! IN THE NAME OF YESHUA, I COMNAND THE MOUNTAINS IN YOUR LIVES TO MOVE! EVERYTHING THATS BEEN HINDERING YOU FROM THE WILL OF GOD, MOVE!!! MOVE!!!! MOVE!!!



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