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If You Can’t Be His Wife…..

If You Can’t Be His Wife…..

Sister, sister, sister!!!!

If you can’t be his wife

Stop giving that man your LIFE!

God has something better for you!

This joker is filling a space that’s meant for your king, honey!

You sitting here praying for a man that God has already showed you is not right and if he ain’t right Now!!!!!Smh, what are you going to do with him later as a husband? As a role model for your kids? Is this the dream you had as a child, to let some guy run game on you while he’s doing whatever with whom ever? That ain’t love baby, that’s crazy and it’s been making you feel a little crazy. Listen you are playing with the devil and the tears you are crying now are only about to get worse. This junk will have you looking old before your time and crazy while doing it!

Listen the devil comes to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY! Now let’s take an inventory of your life with this man, oh I’m sorry, this boy😏 what part of your emotions have not been killed? What has been stolen from your body, mind and honey even your soul, because everything on this list will lead to your soul being destroyed if you don’t let go and let GOD!

You can’t negotiate with a demon, they don’t get saved! Anybody using your body is messing with demons and them demons aren’t budging as long as you stay in sin with this boy!

You sitting up here being Cinderella shacked up in the attic with rodents while the Prince is out there at the ball looking for you! How long do you think God is going to keep him waiting? Girl you don’t need any fairy witch to turn your pumpkin into your ride, the Lord knows all about sending chariots for His people. You just have to trust HIM! If you can’t value you, how are you ever going to value the God that made you?

Understand that the way you see your man has a direct link to the way you see the creator of man. Oh yes, when you psychologically endure emotional abandonment and abuse over and over again, you set yourself up to learn to go through the motions and not truly live. Now your mind has learned not to put any faith in the one you love.

Therefore when you say that God loves you, your mind takes the word “love” and equate it with the unfaithful love that you’ve grown accustom to. So subconiously, your faith in what God tells you that He’s going to do, is treated with the same belief system that your emotions have learned to depend on! God never told you to give your heart to a man. We are told to love them but your heart should belong to the Lord. We already know what happened to Lots wife and the consequences of putting your heart in the wrong place.

Get that! Keep that!

While you think about it! Pray about it!


Now sister you know who you are! “Happy” has been waiting for you but you’ve been too busy stuck on “sad”!You’re loved by the Master, you just need to know your worth!

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  1. Wow this explains alot why I have issues with things ..

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