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I Don’T Care What They Called You, Boo!

I Don’T Care What They Called You, Boo!

I don’t care what they called you. Who they called you or how they called you. God is going to bring their words to shame. He will publicly bless your prayers that were offered in private. (Even this right here is confirmation of it. As it answers someone’s private prayer. The Father wants you to know, He Is Not Asleep!)

Often your delay is simply a way for God to show you those that are truly with you or against you. Do you honestly think that Jesus didn’t know who Judas was? The one ultimately that was an accomplice to His death? Just because Christ did not mistreat him didn’t mean He did not know what he was or what he was going to do. We too as ambassadors of Christ, must keep our hearts fixed on Jesus. Our eyes can deceive us however God will not. The enemy does not come dressed in enemy attire. He comes in the pretense of love. However without true love, the pretense will collapse.

We must treat folks the same as Christ did. Your obedience to this will result in God, your Father, closing the mouths of those who speak evil of you. Although we should pray for everyone, everyone is not meant to go where God wants you to go.

Now beloved, shake off offenses and ask God to replace them with love. Truly when you do this, the power of God will stand strong for you in the midst of those who mistreat you and speak evil of you. Remember that they mocked David as he stood before Goliath. This mocking could have caused him to turn back, yet it didn’t. How much shame do you think his mockers felt? They mocked Christ and accused Him of being a demon. Baal! The mocking did not stop even as Jesus was upon the cross. How much shame shall this world feel when they see Him at the right hand of the Father?

The Lord asked, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. Yes they knew they were killing Him, they just didn’t realize exactly who they were killing. Thus we as followers of Christ must say this same prayer. Not because we are the Lord, but because we are the Lord’s.

As it is written, touch NOT the head of my anointed (which is part of the reason they despise you, they see God’s anointing in your life. So they think what does he/she have that I don’t? They pick you apart ready to judge your every move) do My prophet no harm. This is why we must pray for them because it’s a dangerous thing to mistreat anyone let alone someone the Lord is instructing.

Let love rule our hearts and it will be evident from out mouths as the Word states, “From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” For this is the will of God.

I love you but you already know that the Father loves you so much more! Go get your blessings!


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  1. Wow sis, this really sp0ke to me. Working on this!

  2. You just spoke to me through this word. Am blessed

  3. LaPamela thank you so much for this word!!! I’ve been so frustrated and angry with myself wondering about things and this has helped… again…thank you Sis!!

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