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Far Too Many Dreams Go To The Grave

Far Too Many Dreams Go To The Grave

Far too many dreams go to the grave….

Caskets filled with suppressed hopes and unused gifts. Forgotten “wannabes” and yesterdays “should bes”!

(Soooo not a real word😩)

Honey, go & dig up your storage of possibilities. Stretch towards your destiny.

Think about how different our world would’ve been had Martin never learned to speak or lost the hope that he held within his heart. Or if Abraham Lincoln would’ve given up after countless failures. This brother, had just suffered a miserable lost of an election & honey suffered ridicule for doing so. This all happened right before he became the President of our nation.

The outcome would have been far different for those that are deaf & blind had Helen Keller shrieked back due to her disibilities. All of these were vital to our world. Just as you are, baby. So take hold of the journey of great vision leaving the imprint of your life. You have the right to live your life beyond measure. Honey Jesus gave His life for you, so baby live it to its fullest! The affects of you doing this could last for decades. Whether in history books or the hearts of mankind, what you do now could bless somebody’s tomorrow!

So baby, Show up, step up and most of all, don’t you ever give up. You ARE NOT ALONE!


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  1. This moved me to tears.

  2. I really needed this! This really spoke to me today!

  3. Glory to GodπŸ™Œβ€

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