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Every Burden Is Not Yours

Every Burden Is Not Yours

Every burden is not yours!

Every basket, I don’t care what it’s filled with, is NOT yours. Even care baskets can get heavy.

In psalms 81, there was an appeal for Israel’s repentance and in this, we are told that shoulders would be removed from the burdens and hands freed from the baskets. 🤔

Now, God being God, He could easily remove the burdens from anybody’s shoulders. That’s not a problem. He can not only lighten the baskets, He can remove the baskets. Move them right out of the way.

Yet, in this scripture, we are told that the burden would remain but the shoulders would be removed. Hold up, so the burden is there, but it’s not for you? 🤔That’s right! Every individual that the Lord past up had a problem, but He did not fix all of them? Brothers, what burdens have God been moving you away from that you keep lifting back up? Sisters, what baskets has the Lord freed from your hands, that you don’t even realize because you won’t let it go?


Ps 81:6

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