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Don’t Be Pushing Me A Broke Jesus๐Ÿ˜

Don’t Be Pushing Me A Broke Jesus๐Ÿ˜

Don’t be pushing me a broke Messiah?

I thought you knew that Kings are not broke! Yeshua Is the King of kings. He has, will and does supply all of our needs. He will also give you the desires of your heart. The thing is, what is it that your heart desires?? Maybe that’s why you’re not getting it, it isn’t right and if it isn’t right for you why should He give it to you, sweetheart?

Listen anybody that can walk up to a fish and get the money to pay taxes, isn’t broke!! Furthermore, broke folks can’t feed five thousand ppl they can barely feed themselves. They certainly can’t afford to pay the price for all of mankind’s sins. So go somewhere with that broke folk religion. It’s NOT biblical. Surely Adonai would NOT sabotage Solomon by giving him wealth. King David wasn’t broke. Abraham wasn’t broke. You know Noah wasn’t broke, the man had to build an ark and store up food for him and his family as well as the animals. Just where are people getting this false doctrine of poverty from??? Hell, yeah that’s right, Hell because it is in contradiction to the Word.

Much like royalty, being taken care of by YESHUA comes with being His. It’s all in the benefits package. Folks are walking around calling themselves kings and queens while living hand to mouth, hardly making it! It one thing to walk by faith and another to never believe the very thing we’re calling ourselves.

I can only tell you what I know! Trust that I have tried God on this and He has NEVER failed. He did not fail when I was homeless nor did He fail in Beverly Hills and He Will not fail, ever!

Since He loves us all, I say why don’t you try it? Your miracle is so close Satan has simply tried to cloud and clutter things around you so you don’t see it. Open the eyes of our hearts Yeshua!


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