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Don’t Allow Your Ears To Hear Mess

Don’t Allow Your Ears To Hear Mess

If you allow your ears to hear mess then your heart will receive it.

Protect your doorways! Your anointing is in jeopardy. You see when folks say things to you outside of the Word of the Lord you begin to think on these things and as we all know, as a man thinks so is he.

Understand that you’re not accountable for what is being said, but you are accountable with what you receive thus entertain. We are given two examples of how to handle Satan when he approaches us. One in Gen 3 with Eve and the other with Christ in the wilderness. Eve entertained the conversation and fell. Christ rebuked the conversation by using the Word of God and thus was able to not only stand but to overcome death upon the cross. He rose up out of the grave that was set in motion by Adam & Eve! Satan tries to attack us in areas where we are weak therefore we must hold the Word down at all times, as God’s grace is sufficient for us all! Cash in on this benefit but never take it for granted!

Stop holding conversations with demons that you should be rebuking while setting their captives FREE!


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