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Club Church

Do Not tag me on another prophet, minister, preacher, teacher or ANY of the sort that is pushing a book or a hook!

If you have to sell the Word of God, I don’t want it! When did YESHUA sell salvation? He fed the sheep He didn’t bleed them dry!

Hypocrites! Prophetic Liars! Hell is where you’ll lift your eyes! Stop using God and abusing His people! You take lies twist them and capitalize on hell gaining souls every day that you don’t speak the truth! They come to you because they think that you know better so you’re suppose to do better! Are you like the chief priest that sought to kill the Son of God? Scholars of the scripture yet murders at heart? You speak positively to people who are positively on their way to hell and you care less while being careless! They come to you wanting to know how to be set free and you string them along with stories of how their bellies can be filled and their pocket books too. Well I know Hollywood! If fat bellies and big bank accounts could heal the hearts of men then the world wouldn’t be in such a mess. Babylon IS FALLING and people are running around to what their itchy ears want to hear! What, you want to feel good while it’s falling? Or do you want to be prepared so that you don’t fall with it?

The titanic was extraordinary but I don’t recall anyone saying that at least they had a lovely time before they sank. Very few escaped it’s fate. Just as very few will survive what is to come! You’ve been warned! For those that have an ear, PLEASE, LISTEN! REPENT! REPENT!REPENT! The hour really IS finally upon us ALL!

To those that shut heaven off from others……


The power of the Almighty God of Israel shall SEAL YOUR LYING LIPS!


Jan 05, 2018 1:31p

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  1. Excellent Holy spirit inspired teaching, thank you.

  2. Jesus🙏❤🔥

  3. That was pure🔥

  4. TRUTH!!! so fits some of my dreams

  5. Sounds like many of the Church’s today, sadly. I pray for the lost to come to Jesus today.

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