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Christ Won’t Look Like the Folks In the Pulpit….

Christ Won’t Look Like the Folks In the Pulpit….

If Christ appeared the way the leaders of the church were expecting then they would have never mistaken Him for a demon possessed man!

You better listen! If the Messiah operated in the manner in which the CHURCH was accustomed to, THEY would have never screamed ” Crucify HIM”! It was an UNHOLY man that knew this MAN was HOLY! It was Pontius Pilate that said, ” Shall I crucify your King?” Glory Hallelujah! It was the chief priest, not deacons, not the choir BUT THE CHIEF PRIEST that answered, ” We have NO king but Trump- wait no let me stop- Obama? No, they said Caesar! Caesar! Not the God of Israel, not their long awaited Messiah, BUT a man named Caesar. SMH!

It was demons that knew who He was when the CHURCH knew Him NOT! Even the demons called Him LORD!!!

When the saints knew Him NOT! You better WAKE UP because He is coming again and it doesn’t matter how much shouting you do or scripture posts you share, if you don’t know Him you certainly won’t be able to recognize Him. He won’t look like the preacher in the pulpit, He didn’t then and He won’t later!

Don’t follow people honey, follow the Lord. Don’t church your way to hell.


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