YOU MUST STEP OUT ON FAITH!!  Peter was not walking on water, He was walking on faith! It was only when the devil saw that Peter was doing what Christ did, that the devil began to shake things up! Peter took his eyes off of Christ and began to look all around at the chaos! It is then that Peter began to sink! He began to walk by Sight and NOT BY FAITH! When we are told to walk by FAITH and NOT

The Wheat, The Tare & The Fire! Part 2

The Wheat The Tare and The Fire! Part 2 (Catastrophe) Many are looking for one huge catastrophe to befall the earth, not realizing that many small ones has already taken place across the land. Land has been and shall be destroyed be fires in various places, destroying the soil and vegetation. Animals are dying in record numbers all over the world and scientist do not have an explanation. There

Protect Your Doorways, Sweetheart!

 Your anointing is in jeopardy.  You see when folks say things to you outside of the Word of the Lord you begin to think on these things and as we all know, as a man thinks so is he. Understand that you’re not accountable for what is being said, but you are accountable with what you receive thus entertain. We are given two examples of how to handle Satan when he approaches us. One in Gen 3 with Eve and the other with Christ in the wilderness. Eve entertained the conversation and fell. Christ rebuked the conversation by using the Word of God and thus was able to not only stand but to overcome death upon the cross. He rose up out of the grave that was set in motion by Adam & Eve! We must be faithful in even the little things such as what we do and do not allow in our hearts, th...

Who Are You Giving Credit To, Boo?😳🤔😑

You see the devil LOVES when you give him credit….but he gets real bothered when the power of God starts moving on FB! Y’all don’t hear me! Online! He don’t care if you tag a verse or two..NO! But what he doesn’t want is the God of Israel getting any glory for doing what folks know MUST be a miracle! Help us Lord! Understand that even in the past week Satan upped his level of attacks towards

The Wheat, The Tare & The Fire! Part 1

The Wheat, The Tare and The Fire! Part 1 I love you,but please take everything here to the Lord, even older posts. Trust the Lord because men are flawed, God is not. Discernment is VITAL during these times. Adonai always confirms what is truly from Him & those that He truly sends. Understand that none of the folks in the Bible all hung together, Not prophets of the Lord. Most were few in

If You Can’t Be His Wife…..

Sister, sister, sister!!!! If you can’t be his wife Stop giving that man your LIFE! God has something better for you! This joker is filling a space that’s meant for your king, honey! You sitting here praying for a man that God has already showed you is not right and if he ain’t right Now!!!!!Smh, what are you going to do with him later as a husband? As a role model for your kids? Is this the dream you had as a child, to let some guy run game on you while he’s doing whatever with whom ever? That ain’t love baby, that’s crazy and it’s been making you feel a little crazy. Listen you are playing with the devil and the tears you are crying now are only about to get worse. This junk will have you looking old before your time and crazy while doing it! Lis...

The Moonwalk Opened Demonic Doorways Leading to His Death!

I remember in 1983 watching the Motown 25 anniversary special. As a young girl, I was super excited to see Micheal Jackson perform. Suddenly he appeared on stage, the music started & his feet started moving. I’m talking about moves that nobody had ever seen before, or at least not as he was performing them. Then as the audience roared, he appeared to be floating backwards as he introduced to the world-the moonwalk.  Hmmm… Moonwalker….a hint & play on words for the world’s plans to seduce mankind into the acceptance of not only walking on the moon but strides to one day dwell there as well as make the likeness of other life forms(demons) a common thought amongst many. Thus the rise of interest in the supernatural- spells, deception, illusions. What a Thriller for th...

The Lord’s Talking, Whose Listening?😳

Somebody reached out and asked, why their prayers weren’t being answered? See the devil will try to hold things over on you! Yes! That’s right, he’s a black mailer! He’s shady!But his shade don’t stop God’s GLORY! This is what the Lord had me to share with His child after thinking they have sinned and now the Lord wouldn’t help: Name one BUT Jesus that has never failed Adonai? You can’t.

I Don’T Care What They Called You, Boo!

I don’t care what they called you. Who they called you or how they called you. God is going to bring their words to shame. He will publicly bless your prayers that were offered in private. (Even this right here is confirmation of it. As it answers someone’s private prayer. The Father wants you to know, He Is Not Asleep!) Often your delay is simply a way for God to show you those that are truly with you or against you. Do you honestly think that Jesus didn’t know who Judas was? The one ultimately that was an accomplice to His death? Just because Christ did not mistreat him didn’t mean He did not know what he was or what he was going to do. We too as ambassadors of Christ, must keep our hearts fixed on Jesus. Our eyes can deceive us however God will not. The enemy doe...

Stop Having Your Mouth Write a Book That Adonai Didn’t Author

-Stop having your mouth write a book that God hasn’t authored. You do not know how or what you and yours may be faced with in life. Therefore be less opinionated and more prayerful. You’re not Getting paid for your interview nor a signing of your self published book of fiction. As we strive daily to lift one another up, we should join forces in prayer. There simply are so many silent wars going

Whose Team Are You On?

By: Keoka Thompson Whose team are you on? We know that….. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly!! ***John 10: 10 So why on earth would you team up with anybody that steals your stuff, kills your dreams and tries to kill YOU , destroys lives, marriages, family relationships, friendships, careers, and so on? That

Stop Being STILL At The Wrong Time

See if Noah would’ve been still his butt would’ve drowned.Had Moses stood still in the middle of the Red Sea,he too would’ve drowned! Understand that there’s a time to be still & then there’s a time to move! Well the Lord told me to tell you…. that it’s time to move! Don’t let what things look like keep you where you should no longer be! Had Noah concerned himself with the way things looked, he

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