It’s In The Serving of God that You Will See His Promises

It’s in the serving of God that you will see His promise. JESUS told the man with the withered hand to stretch forth his hand. It was in the stretching of his hand that he received the miracle. Listen, if he would have never stretched his hand, his hand would have never changed. Now he could’ve stood there and tried to figure out just how this all was going to work out, BUT he didn’t AND thank

A Witch & Her Dog

A Witch & Her Dog So before we were to move into our home in Beverly Hills we had a temporary place out on Palm drive in BH flats. Well, next to us was this beautiful young lady that had a small dog. Every time I would see her, I was told that she was a practicing witch and to pray for her. This wasn’t too much of a shocker because LA has many satanist, plenty of witches and those that practice

The Carnal Christian

The Carnal Christian Romans 8:35-8:35 The Carnal Christian. This Sermon deals with the Christian in peril and the Lazy Christian that is always complaining. Before we start, I would like to share a letter that I received today from one of My Associates in the Phillippiens. The words and spelling are His and I decided not to correct them. Dear Rev. Smith, Please help praise the Lord for me, I was at the