The Wheat, The Tare & The Fire! Part 2

The Wheat The Tare and The Fire! Part 2 (Catastrophe) Many are looking for one huge catastrophe to befall the earth, not realizing that many small ones has already taken place across the land. Land has been and shall be destroyed be fires in various places, destroying the soil and vegetation. Animals are dying in record numbers all over the world and scientist do not have an explanation. There

The Moonwalk Opened Demonic Doorways Leading to His Death!

I remember in 1983 watching the Motown 25 anniversary special. As a young girl, I was super excited to see Micheal Jackson perform. Suddenly he appeared on stage, the music started & his feet started moving. I’m talking about moves that nobody had ever seen before, or at least not as he was performing them. Then as the audience roared, he appeared to be floating backwards as he introduced to the world-the moonwalk.  Hmmm… Moonwalker….a hint & play on words for the world’s plans to seduce mankind into the acceptance of not only walking on the moon but strides to one day dwell there as well as make the likeness of other life forms(demons) a common thought amongst many. Thus the rise of interest in the supernatural- spells, deception, illusions. What a Thriller for th...

The Lord’s Talking, Whose Listening?😳

Somebody reached out and asked, why their prayers weren’t being answered? See the devil will try to hold things over on you! Yes! That’s right, he’s a black mailer! He’s shady!But his shade don’t stop God’s GLORY! This is what the Lord had me to share with His child after thinking they have sinned and now the Lord wouldn’t help: Name one BUT Jesus that has never failed Adonai? You can’t.

Sincere Apologies

I offer my sincere apologies to the mothers and fathers that has suffered a loss due to the evil atrocities that has taken place in OUR country. My heart breaks as I witness the spirit of delusion grip mankind. This is NOT a war between men it IS a war for the SOULS of men. Being black or white simply is NOT the issue, it is being Right or Wrong. Doing what’s right no matter what happens. All of this is temporary, however our souls are eternal. Therefore we face severe consequences for what we do here on earth. The fact of the matter is that as a mother, I really do not care if the person is purple if they had taken the life of my child. Right is right and what is wrong is just that ” Wrong”! Let God be God in every area of your lives and trust that He does right wrongs. ...

Yeah, I Call Out The Devil

Yeah I call out the devil….. I’ve seen too much not to. You’re dealing with a women straight out of the wilderness with fire shut up in her bones! What I’ve actually seen & lived through will make most preachers wet their pants. So I don’t have time for games. I’m on a mission & your opinion really doesn’t matter to me, God’s does! If you don’t like me calling out the devil then politely

Overeating: Gluttony or Being Seduced

 It seems that what is lurking behind overeating can be the provoking spirit of seduction! Seductive spirits set up lustful desire in order to cause an action that will feed their agenda of defeat. As Christians most of us have walked away from many of the worldly forms of seduction, but food is our source of gathering that brings fellowship, so why wouldn’t the demonic kingdom use that? Look around

Confronting the Demon of Gluttony

Do you know what Sodom’s sins were? You probably just thought about a particular sexual sin. While that is true, it is not the complete story. When speaking of Jerusalem’s idolatry, the prophet Ezekiel said of them: “This was the iniquity of your sister Sodom. Pride, abundance of bread, and careless ease was in her and in her daughters, but she did strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. They were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I took them away when I saw it” (Ezek. 16:49-50). Did you notice that pride was listed first, with food indulgence after that? You might ask, “What’s wrong with being full of food?” Although nothing is wrong with eating to satisfaction, the Sodomites ate to excess as a lifestyle. As a result, they...

Sweetheart You Gotta Stand

Sweetheart You Gotta Stand… Listen Satan is just waiting for you to trip, slip, fall down, lay down and most of all, stay down. So you’re hurt, okay, dry those tears and get back up! So somebody knocked you down. Okay dust yourself off and get back Up! Listen I’m not saying that it is okay that things have happened to you. I am saying it’s okay for you to get back up! Listen, other people are not

Power In The Name Of Jesus

Understand that there IS Power In the Name Of JESUS! It’s very important that you get this and KEEP IT! You see it is in this name, “Jesus” that chains are broken! Lives are saved! Families are healed! Restoration, regeneration, deliverance takes place! Sometimes things can get so bad that your words escape you. I get it. Well baby just use one word. JESUS! The devil is a liar, he can not stop that mouth