The Lord’s Talking, Whose Listening?😳

Somebody reached out and asked, why their prayers weren’t being answered? See the devil will try to hold things over on you! Yes! That’s right, he’s a black mailer! He’s shady!But his shade don’t stop God’s GLORY! This is what the Lord had me to share with His child after thinking they have sinned and now the Lord wouldn’t help: Name one BUT Jesus that has never failed Adonai? You can’t.

It’s In The Serving of God that You Will See His Promises

It’s in the serving of God that you will see His promise. JESUS told the man with the withered hand to stretch forth his hand. It was in the stretching of his hand that he received the miracle. Listen, if he would have never stretched his hand, his hand would have never changed. Now he could’ve stood there and tried to figure out just how this all was going to work out, BUT he didn’t AND thank

Know WHO You Serve!

Baby KNOW WHO YOU SERVE… Do you realize that the same God that parted the Red Sea, is the same God that we serve? The SAME one! The Alpha & the Omega! The beginning & the END! The I AM, which means He ALWAYS IS! He’s the past, present & the future all at the same TIME!! GLORY,HALLELUJAH!! He Is MOST HIGH, not kinda HIGH! He is “On Time” and not “Some Time”! Understand that we can do


Now TRUST THE LORD!!! Do you think that God really doesn’t know your heart? How it feels? That’s the thing, He does and He knows that it’s been compromised and He knows that you know that too. In spite of what you tell or show folks. You may find what you’re looking for online, or with people BUT you will NEVER find what you NEED without the Lord. You need to trust Him! Your worrying is in vain, in

The Verbally Abusive Marriage

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tom said angrily to his wife, Kari. “You’re crazy and everyone knows it. Even your friends think you’re nuts.” “I can’t believe you’re talking to me this way,” Kari said, still trying to gather her wits. She stood in her kitchen stunned. “You’re ridiculous,” he shouted. “Please don’t talk to me like this,” she said weakly. “I can and I will,” Tom asserted. “You

Listen baby, Listen….

Listen, listen, please listen…. your strength is within the joy of the Lord! NOT facebook, NOT your lover, buddies, gadgets, job & honey defiantly NOT ME, BUT the LORD! Why do you think the enemy tries to keep you so preoccupied? So busy, yet hardly further than your were yesterday? Listen, if the Bible tells us that our strength is in the Lord then it would make sense for any enemy of the Lord to try and keep you away from anything to do with Him. If our joy is in the Lord, we are weakened in our sadness, in our anger, in our words of defeat. Change your thinking and you’ll change your speaking! Lean NOT to your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with All of your heart and HE shall, not might or may, SHALL ( it’s a promise) direct your path. When you give Him h...

 Warning Signs of an Affair

Elena discovered that her husband wasn’t just shopping on eBay® all those late nights on the computer. Steve just happened to see his wife kissing the kickboxing instructor in the gym’s parking lot. Most extramarital affairs do not start out with the candid revelations: “my husband is out of town” or “my wife won’t suspect a thing.” Generally something has gone awry in a marriage before a dissatisfied

Affairs/Marital Infidelity

Maybe it’s happened to you. You’re fed up with your spouse, so you start chatting with that attractive person of the opposite sex in the next cubicle. You’ve known him for years, and it’s so easy to talk. He just listens. Pretty soon you’re sharing intimate problems, and now the co-worker is telling you how hard you have it. Maybe you should just leave your spouse … and maybe the two of you

Overeating: Gluttony or Being Seduced

 It seems that what is lurking behind overeating can be the provoking spirit of seduction! Seductive spirits set up lustful desire in order to cause an action that will feed their agenda of defeat. As Christians most of us have walked away from many of the worldly forms of seduction, but food is our source of gathering that brings fellowship, so why wouldn’t the demonic kingdom use that? Look around

Confronting the Demon of Gluttony

Do you know what Sodom’s sins were? You probably just thought about a particular sexual sin. While that is true, it is not the complete story. When speaking of Jerusalem’s idolatry, the prophet Ezekiel said of them: “This was the iniquity of your sister Sodom. Pride, abundance of bread, and careless ease was in her and in her daughters, but she did strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. They were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I took them away when I saw it” (Ezek. 16:49-50). Did you notice that pride was listed first, with food indulgence after that? You might ask, “What’s wrong with being full of food?” Although nothing is wrong with eating to satisfaction, the Sodomites ate to excess as a lifestyle. As a result, they...

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Cost is sometimes a difficult term to define. Here, we are not simply discussing cost as it relates to the selling price, but rather opportunity cost. The website, “Mentors, Ventures and Plans” defines opportunity cost as “The loss of the next best alternative whenever a decision is made involving two or more options”. “Investing in Options” defines it as “Choosing the best alternative means

It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE!!!

It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE!!! Repent and pray for yourself and others that are in the home. Get you some olive oil, pray a blessing over it. The prayer should be firm & one made in full faith asking Adonai to bless & cleanse the oil, so that it can be used for the sake of HIS glory. Also ask in the Lord’s name to cleanse the oil of any defilement. Then start anointing each person in the home,