God doesn’t do witchcraft honey…

God doesn’t do witchcraft honey…. Listen, folks pretending to be Christians are telling ppl to do salt baths to get rid of demons. This is NOT biblical! This is WITCHCRAFT!! The Bible saids that we will know them by their fruit, so what does the fruit tell us if it’s promoting witchcraft? Do not add or take away from the Word of God! When did Jesus or the disciples take salt baths or offer them


Satan’s goal for us, is to keep us from our purpose; that is why he fights us the way that he does. Not only will he try to hurt us personally with his plot’s and schemes. He will use whoever and whatever to get a rise out of us, he will even use the closets one to us. Rather, that be mother, child, spouse or whoever to either hurt us or attempt to hurt them. Notice I said attempt, see when we are

The Three Ingredients of Self Motivation

  The major reason why we procrastinate is because we are not motivated enough. And there isn’t one single factor that determines motivation. In this article we discuss the three factors that influence self motivation. I know that I am supposed to do a particular activity like an assignment, or study a book or write letters. But I tend to postpone these indefinitely, citing various excuses. The

Lot’s mouth cost him his blessings….

Lot’s mouth cost him his blessings…. his disobedience cost him everything. Folks don’t want to listen to ppl but had Lot listened to Abraham he wouldn’t have had his butt whipped, things stolen, lost his wife or ended up in a cave! Take what folks say to the Lord! If it lines up then why are you fighting the hand of God? Baby you’ve gotta HAVE the Spirit of God to test the spirits of the devil!