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How I received power to overcome low self-esteem.

How I received power to overcome low self-esteem I was a slave to my low self-esteem, but the gospel of freedom from sin gave me the power to overcome it. I hated my personality and I hated the way I acted around other people. I would squirm inside at the way I did and said things. I wanted to bless the others; I wanted to be the kind of person that showed how amazing it is to be a Christian. However,

 Warning Signs of an Affair

Elena discovered that her husband wasn’t just shopping on eBayยฎ all those late nights on the computer. Steve just happened to see his wife kissing the kickboxing instructor in the gym’s parking lot. Most extramarital affairs do not start out with the candid revelations: “my husband is out of town” or “my wife won’t suspect a thing.” Generally something has gone awry in a marriage before a dissatisfied

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Cost is sometimes a difficult term to define. Here, we are not simply discussing cost as it relates to the selling price, but rather opportunity cost. The website, “Mentors, Ventures and Plans” defines opportunity cost as “The loss of the next best alternative whenever a decision is made involving two or more options”. “Investing in Options” defines it as “Choosing the best alternative means

Bedroom Sanctuary

Bedroom Sanctuary Have you ever walked into a bedroom (maybe in a hotel) and were blinded by its plainness? Did that โ€˜coldโ€™ feeling that you received affect your sleep? What can fulfill all of these needs for your perfect rest? Well first prayer and then a creative setting. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. It must be a place where you go to relax, pray and release your stresses from your everyday

New Blogging Format

Hi Family!   Your friendly test bot has been super busy tonight. We have a brand new super-cool blogging format to make adding and editing your blog posts possible and fun. Get Started You can start a new blog entry by clicking Add New Post on your Blog profile tab. New Options Now when you click on the Blog tab on your profile youโ€™ll get a new clean interface

Mealtime Moments: Printable Activity Cards to Build Character at the Table

Mealtime Moments: Printable Activity Cards to Build Character at the Table Mealtime Momentsย is a set of 30 printable activity cards for building character over a family meal. All you will need to follow the activities is what you will already have at the table!ย  (Some activities require some food or a utensil, for example.) Each card offers a simple activity which focuses on exploring one character