Far Too Many Dreams Go To The Grave

Far too many dreams go to the grave…. Caskets filled with suppressed hopes and unused gifts. Forgotten “wannabes” and yesterdays “should bes”! (Soooo not a real word) Honey, go & dig up your storage of possibilities. Stretch towards your destiny. Think about how different our world would’ve been had Martin never learned to speak or lost the hope that he held within his heart. Or if Abraham Lincoln

God Hears You, Boo😐

If men wouldn’t have talked about daniel we would’ve never seen how God closed the lions mouth! If pharho would’ve never chased Moses & the children of Israel we would’ve never seen how God was not only going to part the waters but drown pharaoh’s army in that same sea! When daniel was marched to the lion’s den he was looking into the face of a problem! As Moses stood at the shores trapped

Overeating: Gluttony or Being Seduced

 It seems that what is lurking behind overeating can be the provoking spirit of seduction! Seductive spirits set up lustful desire in order to cause an action that will feed their agenda of defeat. As Christians most of us have walked away from many of the worldly forms of seduction, but food is our source of gathering that brings fellowship, so why wouldn’t the demonic kingdom use that? Look around

If It Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Force It!

If it doesn’t fit, DON’T force it! You’ll regret it later if you do. God is trying to tell you something so stop seeking wisdom from other sources, TRUST HIM! Don’t let folks talk you into a hole! Know that they won’t be there to pull out. This particular problem is Red flagging you in the Lord’s attempt to steer you away from future troubles! If it doesn’t fit DO NOT FORCE IT! You’ve been warned.

Is Your Tongue A Weapon?

Is Your Tongue A Weapon Of Mass Destruction? Should we send troops out to arrest that thing and get it under control? How many bombs have you set off while flapping that pink meat? What’s your body count? I bet you even have a few teardrops tatted under your eye. You a real thug with that tongue, Huh You bout that life? Yeah? Listen you cannot live amongst the deadly toxins of your mouth and think that

Honey Get Your Rest

Honey get your rest… Elijah went against over 400 false prophets, and prevailed! Then, just because some witch(Jezebel) wanted him dead, he began to panic and hid under a tree, smh. The boy was hungry and he was tired. How do we know, well because Adonai made him eat and sleep before He would even talk to him. It was only after he was well nourished and rested that the Lord sent him off to his next


Just like the tide comes in and goes back out, so does grief. It seems as if every time you recover from one blow another one hits, you. It’s like a big wave crashing on you pulling you out to sea. It is at these times that you have to put on your life preserver, which is the Word of God! You see the devil will try to come in when you are vulnerable, but just remember you are a child of the Most High

You Better Praise Him!

You Better Praise Him!!! At the name of Jesus Every knee shall bow and Every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord!!!! A rock is not going to cry out for me, I’m going to praise the Lord now, while there is breath within me. Let EVERYTHING THAT HAVE BREATH PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He’s been too Good to us! How are you going to allow anyone to stop you from lifting up the one that was there for


Satan’s goal for us, is to keep us from our purpose; that is why he fights us the way that he does. Not only will he try to hurt us personally with his plot’s and schemes. He will use whoever and whatever to get a rise out of us, he will even use the closets one to us. Rather, that be mother, child, spouse or whoever to either hurt us or attempt to hurt them. Notice I said attempt, see when we are

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