Why He Wept

Why He Wept So the crowd watched as Mary and Martha stood dazed within their grief. Murmurs I’m sure we’re heard from the crowd as Christ made His way towards the tomb. Knowing that Lazarus was His good friend, many probably wondered if He wound actually make an appearance. However after the third day, disappointment must have set in. Looking upon the crowd, at Mary and at Martha , the Bible tells us that our Lord began to weep. If you have been to any funerals, you may agree that it seems when a certain person in the funeral begins to breakdown, it tends to make everybody break right on down with them. I can only imagine if the Lord showed up and if HE started crying. WELL, I guess at that point there is just no helping old Lazarus, one might say, because if the Lord is crying...

Whose Team Are You On?

By: Keoka Thompson Whose team are you on? We know that….. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly!! ***John 10: 10 So why on earth would you team up with anybody that steals your stuff, kills your dreams and tries to kill YOU , destroys lives, marriages, family relationships, friendships, careers, and so on? That

When Peace Comes Knocking…

When Peace comes knocking on your door…. Peace came strolling up to someone’s house trying to get in. However, just when peace began to ring the bell, here comes fear & notorious doubt. Well since the owner of the home was familiar with both fear & doubt, they let them in without hesitation, while leaving peace locked outside. Once fear & notorious doubt, were inside, they began to

Stop Being STILL At The Wrong Time

See if Noah would’ve been still his butt would’ve drowned.Had Moses stood still in the middle of the Red Sea,he too would’ve drowned! Understand that there’s a time to be still & then there’s a time to move! Well the Lord told me to tell you…. that it’s time to move! Don’t let what things look like keep you where you should no longer be! Had Noah concerned himself with the way things looked, he

Every Burden Is Not Yours

Every burden is not yours! Every basket, I don’t care what it’s filled with, is NOT yours. Even care baskets can get heavy. In psalms 81, there was an appeal for Israel’s repentance and in this, we are told that shoulders would be removed from the burdens and hands freed from the baskets. Now, God being God, He could easily remove the burdens from anybody’s shoulders. That’s not a problem.

What are 10 Ways to Invest in God’s Kingdom?

Some serving on the mission field are supported by denominational mission boards, but others must raise their own support. Many missionaries are under-supported and lack the necessary funds to minister as effectively as they could. During my family’s history we’ve donated to missionaries working in China, Thailand, Japan, Kenya, Romania, South Korea, Lesotho, Spain, Mexico, Amsterdam, and Afghanistan.

Yeah, I Call Out The Devil

Yeah I call out the devil….. I’ve seen too much not to. You’re dealing with a women straight out of the wilderness with fire shut up in her bones! What I’ve actually seen & lived through will make most preachers wet their pants. So I don’t have time for games. I’m on a mission & your opinion really doesn’t matter to me, God’s does! If you don’t like me calling out the devil then politely

Club Church

Do Not tag me on another prophet, minister, preacher, teacher or ANY of the sort that is pushing a book or a hook! If you have to sell the Word of God, I don’t want it! When did YESHUA sell salvation? He fed the sheep He didn’t bleed them dry! Hypocrites! Prophetic Liars! Hell is where you’ll lift your eyes! Stop using God and abusing His people! You take lies twist them and capitalize on hell

Don’t Be Pushing Me A Broke Jesus😏

Don’t be pushing me a broke Messiah? I thought you knew that Kings are not broke! Yeshua Is the King of kings. He has, will and does supply all of our needs. He will also give you the desires of your heart. The thing is, what is it that your heart desires?? Maybe that’s why you’re not getting it, it isn’t right and if it isn’t right for you why should He give it to you, sweetheart? Listen

Christ Won’t Look Like the Folks In the Pulpit….

If Christ appeared the way the leaders of the church were expecting then they would have never mistaken Him for a demon possessed man! You better listen! If the Messiah operated in the manner in which the CHURCH was accustomed to, THEY would have never screamed ” Crucify HIM”! It was an UNHOLY man that knew this MAN was HOLY! It was Pontius Pilate that said, ” Shall I crucify your King?” Glory Hallelujah!

Religious Spirits

KNOW-IT-ALL ATTITUDE Besides seeking position, religious spirits are seldom teachable because they think they already know it all. Whether or not the religious spirit has ever had any actual first-hand experience with the business at hand is of no matter. They may not have the first clue how to organize a banquet, for example, but they are quite sure that you are not doing it right and are even

Know WHO You Serve!

Baby KNOW WHO YOU SERVE… Do you realize that the same God that parted the Red Sea, is the same God that we serve? The SAME one! The Alpha & the Omega! The beginning & the END! The I AM, which means He ALWAYS IS! He’s the past, present & the future all at the same TIME!! GLORY,HALLELUJAH!! He Is MOST HIGH, not kinda HIGH! He is “On Time” and not “Some Time”! Understand that we can do