YOU MUST STEP OUT ON FAITH!!  Peter was not walking on water, He was walking on faith! It was only when the devil saw that Peter was doing what Christ did, that the devil began to shake things up! Peter took his eyes off of Christ and began to look all around at the chaos! It is then that Peter began to sink! He began to walk by Sight and NOT BY FAITH! When we are told to walk by FAITH and NOT

The Wheat, The Tare & The Fire! Part 2

The Wheat The Tare and The Fire! Part 2 (Catastrophe) Many are looking for one huge catastrophe to befall the earth, not realizing that many small ones has already taken place across the land. Land has been and shall be destroyed be fires in various places, destroying the soil and vegetation. Animals are dying in record numbers all over the world and scientist do not have an explanation. There

Who Are You Giving Credit To, Boo?πŸ˜³πŸ€”πŸ˜‘

You see the devil LOVES when you give him credit….but he gets real bothered when the power of God starts moving on FB! Y’all don’t hear me! Online! He don’t care if you tag a verse or two..NO! But what he doesn’t want is the God of Israel getting any glory for doing what folks know MUST be a miracle! Help us Lord! Understand that even in the past week Satan upped his level of attacks towards

You Are A Child Of The KING

Honey, YOU are a daughter & son of the Most High, Jehovah-Jireh, Adonai! Understand that you are Blessed in the city, and blessed in the field! Above and never beneath. For the Lord is your Shepard you shall not want. It is He that makes you to lie down in green pastures and leads you beside the still waters. Adonai restores your soul; He also leads you in the paths of righteousness for His name’s

If You Can’t Be His Wife…..

Sister, sister, sister!!!! If you can’t be his wife Stop giving that man your LIFE! God has something better for you! This joker is filling a space that’s meant for your king, honey! You sitting here praying for a man that God has already showed you is not right and if he ain’t right Now!!!!!Smh, what are you going to do with him later as a husband? As a role model for your kids? Is this the dream you had as a child, to let some guy run game on you while he’s doing whatever with whom ever? That ain’t love baby, that’s crazy and it’s been making you feel a little crazy. Listen you are playing with the devil and the tears you are crying now are only about to get worse. This junk will have you looking old before your time and crazy while doing it! Lis...

The Lord’s Talking, Whose Listening?😳

Somebody reached out and asked, why their prayers weren’t being answered? See the devil will try to hold things over on you! Yes! That’s right, he’s a black mailer! He’s shady!But his shade don’t stop God’s GLORY! This is what the Lord had me to share with His child after thinking they have sinned and now the Lord wouldn’t help: Name one BUT Jesus that has never failed Adonai? You can’t.

Who is THIS for…..

If God said it, shouldn’t that settle it… When we choose to follow Christ we find stability. Yet when we decide to compromise our faith we are actually leaving the Master to serve another in which there will be no stability. The winds of life will blow against these folks and they will be tossed to and fro. As their core values aren’t truly rooted in trusting the Lord’s core values which is His

Okay So You Gave “It” to the Lord….

….BUT you keep picking “it” back up. When you give away something, it’s no longer yours. It belongs to the one that you gave it to. If you give some one flowers, you don’t go and take them back. Just like when you give Christ your problems, you don’t go and take them back. Here’s the thing, when we give the Lord our stuff, it is not only spiritual but it is a mental and physical act of faith. Trusting Him, ignites the power within Him to fix what you gave Him. He can’t fix what He doesn’t have. That’s is not how He works. As long as you’re holding on to it, it’s yours baby. You can pray all you want about it, but it will not be fixed. It may change honey but change does not equal solved, healed or fixed. Your trust is ...

They Say That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words….

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say not really. It may say a little something about where I am right now but that one picture can never tell you all my yesterdays. Yesterday’s are important to God because they mark the path to your destiny. Yes, even the ones with tears! Why do you think the devil wanted to trip you yesterday, because he didn’t want you here TODAY! It was on a day, not too much different than this, that God took a little girl, a little black girl that was raped, beaten and tossed to the side, He took her by the hand from a ghetto to Rodeo! From chains to praise! I don’t know much about your today, but if there is any purpose in your life, your yesterday was filled with tears and disappointments. Titles were fleeting and true friends we...

I Don’T Care What They Called You, Boo!

I don’t care what they called you. Who they called you or how they called you. God is going to bring their words to shame. He will publicly bless your prayers that were offered in private. (Even this right here is confirmation of it. As it answers someone’s private prayer. The Father wants you to know, He Is Not Asleep!) Often your delay is simply a way for God to show you those that are truly with you or against you. Do you honestly think that Jesus didn’t know who Judas was? The one ultimately that was an accomplice to His death? Just because Christ did not mistreat him didn’t mean He did not know what he was or what he was going to do. We too as ambassadors of Christ, must keep our hearts fixed on Jesus. Our eyes can deceive us however God will not. The enemy doe...

Through A Dream

Through a dream, God had revealed to Joseph that one day he would rule. Now years passed and Joseph faced many trials. He was abandoned, forgotten, rejected, and persecuted, but he reached the promise. I do not know what you may have gone through. I do not know what you may be going through even now. However I do know this, hold on to your faith. You can make it. People are not the problem,baby. They can only do what you allow them to. The fact is, hurting ppl hurt ppl. So pray for those that have hurt you because they themselves are hurting. Then focus on your promise, your faith and your plan. God is with you. You see not one of us are in a place of perfection. We’re just striving. Trying to reach a mark. Those of us that think we have found a cure, well we should share it. It does...

Stop Having Your Mouth Write a Book That Adonai Didn’t Author

-Stop having your mouth write a book that God hasn’t authored. You do not know how or what you and yours may be faced with in life. Therefore be less opinionated and more prayerful. You’re not Getting paid for your interview nor a signing of your self published book of fiction. As we strive daily to lift one another up, we should join forces in prayer. There simply are so many silent wars going

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